Why Key Populations Uganda Participated In A Fundraising Event -Importance


It was a successful Fundraising Event but with obstacles at the same time, here is how to think of how this fundraising was important to the hosting and Organizing partners.
This Fundraising forced KP Uganda as an Organization to take a step back and think about how we are going to accomplish the set projects, without resources, and in the needed time frames.  Whether it be by filling out an onerous grant application or donor prospect asking you for your five-year plan, almost always organizations will need to have some sort of planning in place to ask for support and be successful in attaining it.

This  Fundraising made us see where we are vulnerable.

In the process of planning and asking the question of how we are going to accomplish a project, as an Organization realized the gaps we have in terms of resources toward meeting the organizational goals. Identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the organizational structure was a critical step in strengthening the Key Population organization.
The Fundraising made us as Organizations work as teams and align with our goals having Organized the Valentines Event with our partner Organization Kuchu shiners Uganda Often, Organizational staff and volunteers are disjointed by project areas. Fundraising acts as a glue for different project areas, unifying the team and its different project goals into one holistic mission.

Fundraising has made us prioritize projects. Prioritizing where to allocate precious resources is a constant struggle for Organizational managers. Who wants to pick between two different programs at the same time, so Prioritizing is a must.