The Together We Speak Civicus Annual Campaign

On 18th November, Key Populations Uganda with organised a dialogue with refugees youths tackling the Sustainable Development Goal 16 Creating harmonization among youths with refugees counter parts , under the CIVICUS World Alliance #TogetherWeSpeak campaign. Starting.
The dialogue enabled sharing experiences from youths especially the refugees youths from Congo and South Sudan, about their experiences, while in camps and the huddles that they go through to
make ends meet.
As many Refugees have been resettled in Uganda, many Ugandans are rising up with negative sentiments towards the Refugees with excuses of being responsible for grabbing their land.

Its from this background that some policy makers took advantage and try to push for laws that do not welcome Refugees to Uganda, with requests to return many to their countries, its from this point of situation that Key Population Uganda, organized a dialogue to exchange ideas document and have experiences put on paper for the policy makers to see the negative implication of such unfavorable laws