We provide support for LGBTIQ people and Male Refugees, Sex workers focusing on the Sexual Health, advocacy, Safety and Security, Community mobilization and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

What kind of services do we provide?

  • Referrals to friendly health care centers Coupled with Legal Referrals
  • Voluntary Counseling & Testing,
  • Condoms and Lubricant distribution
  • Increase awareness on STD/STI’s
  • Documentation

Our Approach

  • Evidence based: Capturing and utilization of information in the implementation of identified strategies.
  • Focus on Results: Focusing on targeted results and linking the same to resources utilized to measure cost effectiveness.
  • Human rights and equality: Ensuring all programs are planned with all members of community and implementation is in a dignified manner.
  • Partnerships strengthening: Advance cooperation & coordination with other CSOs for mutual interests.
  • Advocacy: Support the cause, speak /write in favor /defending/intercede on behalf of the community including provision of information and tools for empowerment to access health and other social services
  • Capacity building: Facilitate learning, mobilize resources and create partnerships through organizational development and civil society strengthening.