We provide support for Marginalized people and Refugees, Sex workers focusing on the Sexual Health, advocacy, Livelihood, Safety and Security, Community mobilization and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.


The programme main focuses on challenging punitive laws and ensure we engage in legal and policy advocacy hence access to justice and observance of human rights of minority youth women and gender diverse youth, it involves legal awareness and human rights sensitization dialogues, trainings and workshops,Petitions,Commemorating international human rights days, working with legal firms and paralegals, linkages for legal assistance, media based campaigns, partner with policy makers and law enforcement officers and publication of advocacy materials.


The programme entails of access to quality comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care services. It aims to reduce experiences of Stigma, discrimination and violence that Minority youth women and gender diverse people in Uganda face while accessing sexual and reproductive health care services since they exclude gender affirming health services and are not Sexual Minority and gender diverse specific health care services. It involves HIV treatment literacy meetings, Capacity building of health workers, Peer Education Academy, STI screening and treatment, Community based integrated HCT, STI and SRH outreaches, condom and lubricant distribution, Establishment of Drop in centre/safe space, referrals and follow-ups, Provision of PEP, PrEP and TB services, enhance access to HIV treatment, prevention and counseling services and publication of Health literacy materials.


The programme aims to provide access to knowledge for our Youth members to improve their social and financial welfare. It involves capacity building in saving skills, entrepreneurship and computer training, Poetry ,Music and drama sessions, conduct exchange visits and learning programs, creation of income generating activities, facilitate loans and seed funding to members,mentorships,career guidance and acquire bursaries and sponsorship for members.


The programme tends to ensure well being, staying safe and practicing self care of Minority and gender diverse youth. It involve activities like Stress management, post trauma counseling/GBV counseling, Harm reduction services, ART adherence counseling, psychosocial support, safety and security trainings.


The programme aims to advance data collection, documentation and provide information, promote awareness on different issues affecting the Marginalized youth and gender diverse youth communities in Uganda. It involves undertaking research and documentation of human rights violations, conduct baselines and surveys, support and carry out LGBTI and gender diverse specific research, disseminate the findings.

Our Approach

  • Evidence based: Capturing and utilization of information in the implementation of identified strategies.
  • Focus on Results: Focusing on targeted results and linking the same to resources utilized to measure cost effectiveness.
  • Human rights and equality: Ensuring all programs are planned with all members of community and implementation is in a dignified manner.
  • Partnerships strengthening: Advance cooperation & coordination with other CSOs for mutual interests.
  • Advocacy: Support the cause, speak /write in favor /defending/intercede on behalf of the community including provision of information and tools for empowerment to access health and other social services
  • Capacity building: Facilitate learning, mobilize resources and create partnerships through organizational development and civil society strengthening.