About Us

Key Populations Uganda is a youth-led nonprofit support organization that focuses on promoting sexual health, advocacy, safety and security, community mobilization, and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention for LGBTIQ persons, LGBTIQ refugees, and male sex workers throughout Uganda .

Founded on 5th March 2017, we are a group of LGBTIQ individuals who aim to support and create an enabling environment for the Key Populations through raising awareness of key issues affecting the community, advocating for human rights through legal and legislative action, mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) through health education programs, implementing health services targeted at minority groups and LGBTIQ individuals, and speaking out for the minority.

Our leaders include men and women who are coming out for the first time, men and women who are already out, and individuals who feel lonely or isolated due to sexuality or sexual orientation. These brave individuals are standing up and coming together to protect and serve their community. Together, we are stronger.